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The HMCHR is founded with the single point aim of providing the best of medical training in these parts of the country. At present the hospital has 400 Teaching beds with state of the art operation theatres. Besides there are 20 intensive care beds with 24hrs with high-tech trauma care facility, serving a wide cross section of the community, belonging to every segment of society. Free medical services are given to the poor and needy patients. Separate rural and urban health training centers have been established so as to impart field-practice training to medical students and helping the needy people nearby and those in remote areas.


HMCHR has the advantage of 400-(500-proposed) teaching beds that offers practical training to the students during their internship that makes learning complete and comprehensive. HMCHR is synonymous with quality teaching and training. Each department is well equipped and each member of the faculty, master in his/her choose field of specialization.

Teaching methods

The teaching methods at HMCHR are conventional and radical at the same time. Classroom teaching, seminars, hands on experience, museum visits, workshops, guest lectures; all form part of teaching at HMCHR. Tastefully equipped library along with Internet facility is the source of addition information on the subject. While there is a dearth of qualified and trained nurses allover the globe, HMCHR have them in bountiful. It has its own school of nursing which is the base of the placements. Residential facilities for the students pursuing studies in various disciplines are of great importance.

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HMCHR has a sprawling campus that has a planned and aesthetically designed structure housing the hospital, medical college, school of nursing, separate hostel for boys and girls, recreation facilities etc, in the premises.

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happy patient

At HMCHR it is always service to mankind. College is a class apart because the induction program deals basically with practical and interactive approach to the lectures.

HMCHR owns its name and recognition to the dedicated and determined efforts of these crusaders of health care and the team of paramedical, nursing and general staff who with their unstinted efforts have provided the impetus to this young organization.


Dr. Tirupati Panigrahi

Chairman, Hi-Tech Group

Hi-Tech Medical College


Hi-Tech Medical College


Hi-Tech Medical College


We are no. 1...WHY?

  • The secret of the success of any medical college or hospital lies in the quality of its faculty
  • Our team has eminent doctors with teaching experience and Nationalized with and administrative affairs.
  • The faculty strength and profile is the backbone of any institution as they are the people who groom the students and shape their career.
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Health is hearty, health is harmony, health is happiness.

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